5 ideas for souvenir tattoos of Porto

If you are traveling throughout Portugal you should definitely take souvenir tattoos before going back home. Traveling is more than just exploring new destinations; it’s a transformative experience that shapes our souls and leaves unforgettable memories in our hearts.

Souvenir tattoos, or travel tattoos, serve as lifelong reminders of the places we’ve been, the cultures we’ve encountered, and the journeys we’ve embarked upon.

At Zero21 Porto Tattoo Studio, we are excited to embark on this artistic journey with you, translating your love for Portugal into an incredible travel tattoo that will forever remind you of the adventures, culture, and beauty you experienced here.

Check out our Porto souvenir tattoo ideas:

  1. Porto Dom Luís Brigde or Ribeira tattoos

travel tattoo ideas for Portugal trips


2. Porto wine tattoos

porto wine tattoo ideas


3. Portuguese tiles (azulejos)

azulejo tattoo


4. Sardines tattoos

sardines tattoo ideas


5. Words or sentences written in Portuguese

portuguese words for tattoos


BONUS: The traveler tattoo

the traveller tattoo ideas


If you liked our ideas and want to get your souvenir tattoo from Portugal, just contact us to book your tattoo session!

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